About Us

Ag Distributing as a part of the Horizon, Inc. family of companies are one of North America's leading agricultural chemical distributors.

Our management and staff work diligently as a team to find innovative, cost effective and successful products and solutions to our clients’ fram, ranch and property management needs.

Ag Distributing is unsurpassed in its breadth of agricultural experience, our staff are state certified and undergo classroom and on the job training in the latest agricultural product, chemical application and safety requirements and techniques. 

Our product line is designed to incorporate the very latest in organic, biopesticide and pesticide chemistry, technology and safety integrating proven technologies with Ag Distributing’s innovation promising our clients more successful results.

Innovation plays an important role and Ag Distributing as a part of the Horizon, Inc. family of companies is a leader in the distribution of safe and effective organics, biopesticides, agri-chemicals and traditional pesticides. Ag Distributing distributes a wide range of  biopesticide technologies including state of the art agricultural semiochemical products and pheromones designed to improve management of pests, while minimizing negative environmental impacts to assure you the best possible results even under the most challenging site and environmental circumstances.

Our management and staff work closely with our product manufacturers to provide farmers, ranchers, licensed pesticide applicators, homeowners as well as local, state and federal officials end to end solutions tailored to meet our clients’ crop, rangeland and non-crop needs.

Yet, in spite of all the effort we devote to developing new technologies, education, innovation and safety, we never lose sight of our primary mission: Improving crop yeilds while protecting and enhancing your investment in your farms, ranches and in our communities and public lands.



Ag Distributing
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